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Israeli Wine Tasting
Saturday, March 23
8:00 PM
Sam Lerner Center for Cultural Arts
at Shalom Park

Please join us on Saturday, March 23, 8:00 pm in the Sam Lerner Center for Cultural Arts at Shalom Park for a wine tasting led by Israeli Wine Expert, Zvika Amitai. (Read more about Zvika below) 

He will share his passion and knowledge in order to open your eyes, minds and taste buds to the world of Israeli wine.

Tickets are $25. Advanced tickets are required.
Ticket includes 4 wines and light refreshment

Zvika Amitai made aliyah to Israel from the former Soviet Union as a child in 1958. He discovered his love for Jerusalem when he moved there in 1974 to study at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In Jerusalem he began his love story with wine. At that time, Israelis were mostly familiar with sweet, low quality Kiddush wines, however, there were a small number of families producing high quality wines and the Israeli palate was changing.

While studying at the university, Zvika was introduced to Zvi Segal, owner of "Asqelon Wines" and the second generation of one of the founding families of Israel’s wine industry. The Segals became his mentor, teaching him about the international wine industry and hiring Zvika as the Regional Market Manager. In the late seventies Zvika established his insurance brokerage (later to be known as Agam Insurance Solutions) but always found ways to fulfill his passion for wine.

He became a member of one of the first wine clubs in Jerusalem, “The Magic of Wine” and from there his path was clear. He began organizing wine events, writing articles and soon became a wine publicist visiting wineries, wine festivals and vintners and having his articles published in Jerusalem newspapers as well as the leading Israeli wine websites. When the wine boom reached Israel in the 1990’s, Zvika was at the center and cofounded Zemora Winery, winner of medals in Israeli wine competitions, including gold, and considered as one of the best boutique wineries in the country.

With his intimate knowledge of the industry and close acquaintance with Israel’s up and coming vineyards and wineries, Zvika was able to initiate the underwriting of a special insurance policy to cover the unique risks of this growing industry.

With the economic downturn and Israel’s social revolutions in 2011, it seemed opportune to look for ways to purchase high quality wines at affordable prices. Zvika was inspired to create Nechimath Shotim (Drinker’s Consolation), a club for buying bulk quantities of wine at reasonable prices.

Zvika has been able to fulfill the dream of many: transforming a hobby into a business and to be witness to the increasing love for and knowledge of wine within the population of Israel, both young and old.