31 2020

Shabbat Dinner & Speaker Series: Sharing the Story of Liberation

6:00PM - 8:45PM  

Temple Beth El 5101 Providence Road
Charlotte, NC 28226

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$ Cost $ 18.00

Sharing the Story of Liberation

For thousands of years, our people have been telling the story of our liberation from Egypt. The story awakens us to value our freedom and to recognize that so many in the world are yet to be free. We retell the story over and over again because we have hope that it will elevate our passion to create a more just world in partnership with each other, across lines of difference, and with God.
In the month of January, we will learn the Jewish story of liberation as we enter into the Book of Exodus. We will march together on MLK Jr. Weekend. We will welcome dynamic clergy and scholars from other faith traditions to share their understanding of liberation and the call to justice. Let the story of liberation stir our desire as individuals and as a congregation towards the ancient call, “justice, justice we shall pursue.” We invite the Jewish community and the interfaith community to join us for dinner and Shabbat Evening Services.

Shabbat Dinner at 6:00 PM
Shabbat Worship and Sermon at 7:30 PM

January 31, 2020 – Father Hugo A. Medellín, Our Lady of Guadalupe, is a member of the Congregation of the Mission, a Roman Catholic order dedicated to serving the poor. He came to the United States as a DREAMer at age 15 and has served in churches across the North East having taken a vow of poverty and serving the mission of his order.

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