Share Your Passover Story

Do you know why the youngest child asks the four questions on Passover?

It’s so that he or she will remain an active participant in the Seder. After all, the main idea of the Seder is “Hagada” – to tell the story of our heritage to future generations.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte created Passover finger puppets this year to help you share Passover – your heritage, your legacy – with the young people at your Seder table. We hope you like them!

The reason we chose this gift for you is simple. In Charlotte  and worldwide, thanks to donors like you, Federation can ensure a bright future for all. And the key to ensuring our future is remembering who we are, from where we came and the Jewish values and history that unites us.

This year, there will be Passover Seders in countless Jewish communities that rose from the ashes of the Holocaust and Soviet repression. There will be matzahs in Poland, in Uzbekistan, even in Ukraine. Unimaginable just a generation ago – and made possible by those who support Federation.

Even here in the United States, unaffiliated Jews will gain the opportunity to reconnect with their heritage at Seders on college campuses, and through local outreach programs.

Because of the generosity of people like you, thousands of Seders around the world are possible.

At the end of the evening, as you clean the Seder table, a few drops of wine will inevitably spill from Elijah’s untouched cup. The wine you wipe up isn’t wasted. It serves to remind you of the Jewish families who don’t even have that little bit that you can afford to lose.

Like the elderly Holocaust survivors who rely on your generosity for everyday meals (plus special ones like Seders), rides to doctors’ offices and much-needed help around the home.


This Passover, won’t you create a legacy with your community as you are doing with your family? You can do this easily, with a gift to Federation.

A modest gift of just $100, $54 or $36 can make a huge difference to our Jewish brothers and sisters who need your help now. And a legacy gift can mean a huge difference to our children and grandchildren in the future.

Your gift to the Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte helps tens of thousands of people around the world. Wherever there’s a Jew in need, we are there. And through your generosity, you are there, too.

Thank you in advance for your support and for sharing your Passover story with a new generation.

Have a happy and meaningful Passover.

Make Your Passover Gift

This Passover, won’t you create a legacy with your community as you are doing with your family? You can do this easily, with a gift to Federation. Donate now

Download and Print "Four Questions of Passover" Finger Puppets


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