Upcoming Seminars on Virtual Seders

  • 18Doors Seder Leading 101 Webinar. An informative and engaging conversation about leading a Passover seder, April 2. 
  • Seder Academy run by Tablet Magazine offers tips for hosting a seder for the first time. Free webinar daily at 4pm EST.

Online Resources on Hosting Inclusive, Virtual Seders

Digital Haggadahs

You can make your own Haggadah at Haggadot.com! Or, check out these, free to download:

  • JewBelong Free haggadah download. Great for anyone who wants a fun, non-traditional, simple, short, easy seder. We love it because of the blessing for interfaith families at the beginning!
  • PJ Library. Free haggadah download Great for a more traditional seder with young children.
  • Kveller. Free haggadah download, also geared toward families with young children.
  • Barenblatt, Rachel, ed. The Velveteen Rabbi’s Haggadah for PesachA non-denominational haggadah with a lot of readings in English, transliterations for Hebrew text and good jumping-off points for discussion.

Downloadable Resources to Incorporate into Your Seder and During Passover

Cookbooks & Recipes


Passover Essentials for Families


Other Resources: