19 2024


20 2024

Celebrate The TaTas - Painting Days

9:00AM - 8:00PM  

Temple Beth El Shalom Park

Contact Cindy Bolokofsky

$ Cost $ 36.00

Painting Days are the heart and soul of Celebrate the TaTas. In August, women will have their TaTas painted by female artists. The artists paint original designs on human canvasses and will be photographed by female photographers.

2023's experience was so empowering for all who participated. For the first time ever, we had a male survivor, who had undergone a mastectomy, volunteer to be painted. We hosted several female mastectomy and breast cancer survivors and thrivers. Their stories imbued us with the importance of the fundraising efforts for HMO’s Cancer Research. See our video slideshow from the events here (password: TATA).