13 2023

Justice Shabbat

7:30PM - 9:00PM  

Temple Beth El and Livestream 5101 Providence Rd
Charlotte, NC 28226

This Shabbat, we will be joined by special guest speaker, Vernisha Crawford, CEO of Trauma Informed Institute and BYE Foundation. After our recent weekend of reflection and exploration with Temple Beth El’s scholar-in-residence, Dr. Betsy Stone, we continue our commitment to mental health and addressing the effects of burnout and trauma. Mental health is not just a personal issue, it is a societal and justice issue. In order to work with others, we must first understand ourselves and those we seek to serve. One important step in that is understanding the science and physical reaction to experiencing trauma. Ms. Crawford will join us in prayer while discussing how becoming a trauma informed community will enable us to address these issues, both internally and externally – continuing the work of making the world a more just place.

Stay tuned for more information on how Ms. Crawford is bringing trauma-informed training directly to the Temple Beth El community and how you can benefit from her teaching.