16 2023

O Jerusalem! The Story of the City and the Symbol

Jerusalem is an enigma: An eternal Jewish capital that isn't mentioned in the Torah. A holy place for Jews, Christians, and Muslims that wasn't built by any of them. A real live, bustling city, but also a powerful symbol whose meaning has shifted over and over through the ages. This series is more than a history lesson. We'll explore the story of Jerusalem as a place AND an idea: its bizarre origins; how it became the Israelite capital; its role in Rabbinic stories, in poetry and prayer, and in visions of early Zionist leaders; its meaning in today’s complicated Middle East. From ancient stones to modern dreams: the inspiring, surprising story of the holiest city.

Rabbi Micah Streiffer has served as a congregational rabbi for 15 years. He started his rabbinic career right here at Temple Beth El, serving our congregation from 2007-2011. Since 2011 he has been the rabbi of Kol Ami, a congregation outside of Toronto. Rabbi Streiffer is in the process of launching LAASOK, an online learning community for liberal Jews.

This series is made possible by the Ahavat Medinat Yisrael (Love for the State of Israel) Endowment established by Sam and Emily Zimmern.

Tuition is $36/student for members and $54/student for non-members.