Understanding Jewish Identity

Jewish identity is not something that develops overnight - it is something we must invest in to ensure that these ties are passed on from generation to generation.

In a recent Pew Research Center Survey. only 37% of young Jews surveyed considered being Jewish very important in their lives.

This means that nearly two-thirds of young Jews are missing that vital connection to their Jewish identity.

As American Jewry is more diverse and dispersed than ever before, we need to broaden our
approach to Jewish identity with a renewed level of thought and innovation to make Judaism even
more meaningful for the varied needs of our Charlotte community.

Reaching the Next Generation

Building on Federation's decades of success in fostering Jewish identity, we have chosen to focus our efforts on investing in immersive experiences that are proven to promote and strengthen Jewish identity, such as Israel travel, overnight Jewish camps, and PJ Library to scale our reach in meeting the growing needs and evolving landscape of our community. We are also exploring programs that offer young adults new entry points into Jewish life, such as One Table, a social dining platform that connects people through Shabbat, and Honeymoon Israel, an organization that provides Israel trips to young couples, including interfaith couples.

Why Federation is Invested

It is critical that we continue to develop a strong sense of Jewish pride and deep connection in our Charlotte community to ensure Jewish continuity. When we invest in building Jewish identity together, we ensure that Jewish engagement remains accessible and meaningful for all members of our community.

Join us in expanding engagement for  the Jewish community in Charlotte.