Charlotte Jewish Preschool

5007 Providence Road, Suite 109
Charlotte, NC 28226

Brooke Amo
P: 704.944.6777
F: 704.365.4507

The Charlotte Jewish Preschool's mission is to provide quality preschool and daycare programs to Jewish children one to five years old.  Within an enriched Jewish environment, the Preschool is proud to offer young children a secure and loving atmosphere to learn and to develop.  Our preschool students thrive with the individual attention that our low student-teacher ratios provide.  Through a process of joyous, hands-on discovery, our students are taught about Jewish holidays, traditions and beliefs.  Gymnastics, music, Judaica instruction as well as field trips further enhance our enriched curriculum.   

As a joint venture of Temple Israel, Temple Beth-El, the Jewish Community Center, the Charlotte Jewish Preschool provides over 200 students a quality education within a Jewish environment.  Due to its superior reputation, the Preschool continues to be filled to capacity every year.  For information, please contact Brooke Amo, Executive  Director.