Temple Israel (Conservative)

4901 Providence Road
Charlotte, NC 28226

P: 704.362.2796

here’s something special about Temple Israel, the way that young and old alike brim with enthusiasm about all the fantastic things that are happening at Temple, right here, right now. And we want you to be a part of it.

We encourage you to connect to your Judaism in a new, engaging way.  As part of the Temple Israel community, you’ll be part of something wonderful that will enrich your life personally and spiritually. You will make Jewish friends, celebrate your traditions, and have the opportunity to think, explore and take action on your Jewish values.

But first, you ought to know, we’re not your typical synagogue. We may look like a typical synagogue. We have traditional services. We celebrate simchas and holidays. We have a very beautiful sanctuary. But Temple Israel is that, and much more.

We also have alternative services, family services, children services and a rock band (that plays at Friday services once a month). We have ongoing senior educational and social programs likeCelebrating Life and the TI Social Club. We have learned, scholarly rabbis who directly touch the lives of congregants through their inspiring adult education classes. You could not ask for better teachers. But one of these rabbis might be sighted in yoga pants at our High Holy Day Restorative Yoga and Meditation class, and the other could just as easily be found teaching preschoolers, dressed up as Elvis for Purim.  

We encourage you and your family to come for a visit…planned or spontaneous.  Drop-in on one of our many religious, social or educational programs.  Bring your family to a service. Join us for a class or an event. We welcome visitors to join us any time.

Want to learn more about our community?  Contact us at 704.362.2796

Rabbi Murray Ezring and Rabbi Tracy Klirs