Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of Milt Berkman's Bar Mitzvah

Acknowledging Milt's profound commitment to philanthropy, the Berkman Family extends an invitation to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Milt’s Bar Mitzvah by contributing to a cause that holds special significance to Milt and Arlene. Outshine Hate is an initiative of the Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte that is committed to putting an end to antisemitism on college campuses and in the greater Charlotte area.   

Together with our partner agencies and community institutions, Federation seeks to identify and confront antisemitism and anti-Israel bias. As Federation looks ahead to engaging key audiences like educators and the next generation, we are organizing and executing new programming and training based on five core areas of focus: 

  • Community and College Campus Education
  • Institutional and Communal Change
  • Educator Training and Professional Development
  • Security
  • Israel Travel and Exchanges

The Berkman Family will match all donations up to $10,000!

Thank you for making a donation to honor Milt's Bar Mitzvah Anniversary!
Milt, Arlene, Seth, Laurissa, Ariel, Olivia and Ellis

As an organization committed to creating, sustaining, and safeguarding a flourishing and vibrant Jewish community, Federation witnesses firsthand how the uptick in antisemitism and anti-Israel hatred impacts the local Charlotte Jewish community. 

We must act now to combat this rise in hate happening in our own backyard.