3 2022

Leket Israel: The Effects of the Pandemic on Israeli Society


via Zoom

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For the past 18+ years, Leket Israel – the National Food Bank (www.leket.org/en) has been at the forefront of rescuing excess food from farms, packing houses, hotels, caterers, and IDF army bases for distribution to its 263 nonprofit partners serving people in need from all sectors of Israeli society.

Since COVID-19 hit in 2020, the organization has intensified its activities and in 2021 delivered 1,710,000 hot meals and 25,000 tons (55 million lbs.) of fresh produce to the growing numbers of people at risk.

Joseph Gitler, Leket’s Founder and Chairman, will speak to our congregation (via Zoom) about the effects of the pandemic on Israeli society and the work Leket is doing to address the growing need for food support.

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