American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee


Tens of thousands of elderly Jews and families around the world live in dire poverty. Our partners, the JDC, ensure those in need never have to choose between essentials like food and medicine. Amongst other things, the JDC also provides the vulnerable population something invaluable — the knowledge that they are not forgotten but remain part of a global Jewish community that will always have their back.

Providing Aid to the Most Vulnerable Jews Worldwide

22+ Million Hours of Home Care

was provided to vulnerable Jews living in desperate conditions in the last year.


in Israel over the course of a single year through innovative social programs.


are the vanguard for a bright Jewish future in Europe and beyond.


across Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America receive life-saving aid from JDC in a single year.

Saving Jewish Lives in the Former Soviet Union

Your Federation support helps fund the JDC's aid on behalf of more than 80,000 Jews living in desperate conditions in the former Soviet Union. Many are Holocaust survivors; all endured the worst days of the Soviet regime.

The JDC has been on the ground in the former Soviet Union for decades, caring for the region’s elderly Jews who are otherwise left without the support. The JDC network works on a massive scale to ensure that the former Soviet Union’s Jews in need can not only survive but age with dignity and the support of a caring Jewish community.


Each of the nearly eighty thousand Jews in peril that JDC serves in the former Soviet Union has lived a long life filled with both adversity and hard-won triumphs. Here are some of their stories, along with those of the workers who help them.



Liliya's Story

Liliya Braga struggles to survive on a meager
pension of just over $2 a day.

Aiding the Vulnerable

The JDC provides life-saving aid to nearly 90,000
elderly Jews.

A Miracle Worker's Story

JDC homecare workers provide care each year to tens of thousands of the world's poorest Jews.

Innovation in the FSU

The JDC gave smartphones to isolated clients to help them stay connected.

Our Other Global Partners