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​It is difficult to measure the value of a Jewish education in numbers or in charts. How do you quantify a child's smile when he shows his mother the clay menorah he made? How do you evaluate the pride a man feels when his granddaughter recites the "Shema"? How do you measure the warmth of Shabbat candles lit by your own teenager?


​Yet, many studies have demonstrated the tremendous impact of a day school, Hebrew school, Jewish camp or trip to Israel on fostering Jewish identity. There is a general consensus that each activity, in its own way, brings Jews closer to our collective roots in both history and Torah. All these formal and informal educational activities share a common love and respect for our common ancestry, history, religion, and culture.


​As a community, Jews share and embrace the value of Jewish education and recognize the many forms education may take. To that end, the Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte supports a wide variety of educational opportunities, enabling individuals and families to discover for themselves how best to learn about our heritage and foster identity and affiliation with Jewish communal life.


​The Jewish Federation is proud to provide scholarships and special grants for all types of educational initiatives enabling parents to send their children to summer camps as well as to participate in Israel Experience programs. Nothing makes Jewish identity and history come alive for young people like an Israel Experience Program or a Jewish summer camp.



Special thanks to Bill and Patty Gorelick Family Foundation and Harry and Gloria Lerner for their ongoing support and generosity.


JEWISH EXPERIENCE FUND: Need based subsidies are available to local Jewish youth meeting at least one (1) of the following criteria:


  • Household gross income not to exceed $75,000

  • Change in household circumstances within the last 6 months necessitating financial assistance (ie: medical concerns, job loss, change in family status, etc.)

  • Multiple children attending camps and/or Jewish programs

  • Extenuating chronic family circumstances (ie: special needs; children; disability, etc.)

​For an application or for more information, please contact Jewish Family Services, 704.364.6594. Click here for application


GORELICK TEENS TO ISRAEL FUND: Subsidies are available to local Jewish teens ages 13 - 19 traveling to Israel on a Federation approved program


GLORIA AND HARRY LERNER FAMILY FUND: Subsidies are available to local Jewish young adults between the ages of 21-30 traveling to Israel on a Federation approved program.


For more information, please contact:
Noah Goldman
Israel & Global Jewry Associate