What is LiveSecure? 

LiveSecure is a comprehensive program created by the Jewish Federations of North America, in partnership with the Secure Community Network, to create a system of safety and security for all Jewish communities served by the Jewish Federation system, including the greater Charlotte Jewish community. 

LiveSecure's goal is to ensure that every Jewish community has a best-practice security plan in place to address potential security challenges, to support access to US federal and state security grants, and to facilitate ongoing training and support for local security efforts. 

Why Now? 

Antisemitic hate crimes and incidents are on the rise. The FBl's latest hate crime statistics showed that crimes targeting Jews comprised 54.9 percent of all religious bias crimes. 

On a local level, ADL's annual Antisemitism Audit showed a 131% increase in antisemitic incidents reported in the state of North Carolina in 2021. 

How the Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte is Invested 

Because of this rise in antisemitism, it's critical that we work together now to ensure Jewish security in Charlotte is the strongest it can be. As Jewish life in greater Charlotte continues to expand geographically, our security efforts need to expand as well. 

LiveSecure will enable our Federation to expand security programs across the entirety of greater Charlotte's Jewish community, ensuring that Jewish security is accessible and comprehensive.

Your Investment 

For every $1 the Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte raises for LiveSecure, JFNA will match with $1. We have a key opportunity to be involved in the largest fundraising campaign for Jewish security to date, so it's vital that we do our part to maximize these funds to ensure our Charlotte Jewish community is safe and protected. 

Join us in expanding security funding for Jewish institutions in Charlotte.